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Intercessary Prayer Line: The church welcomes your prayer needs. E-Mail Pastor Biddle at with your prayer requests and the Body of Christ will pray for you. Need healing? Call 661- 947-2938 and we will pray for you on the phone. Need counseling? Call or E-Mail your needs to Pastor Biddle and he will contact you and answer your questions.

Counseling: Pastor Biddle has had extensive training in Anger Management, Recovering from Depression, Abuses, Stress, Personality Temperaments and Changing the Way You Think. He will be glad to schedule an appointment with you and share the Good News of the Word of God in such a manner anyone can grasp. Call 661- 947-2938 or E-Mail Pastor Biddle at

Public Speaking: Pastor Biddle has spoken to all groups of people on many different subjects over the years. One of his favorite concerns is the family and relationships. His second is on the Changed Life in Christ. Pastor Biddle speaks as an encourager, and comforter in all presentations. He believes and lives the idea of that all people can be touched with the positive aspect of the Word, rather than the negative. To schedule him for your group, call 661- 947-2938 or E-Mail Pastor Biddle at

Our Mission Statement:
"We share our commitment as a body,
to be led by The Holy Spirit together in prayer,
to reach out to the community in Evangelism and Fellowship
while nurturing them into Spiritual Growth."

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