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Definition of black sheep: It describes someone who feels left out in a family or a castaway. They are undesireable. They are descibed as odd, disreputable, misfit, worthless, loafer and unworthy of affection or attention.


Prophecy: Pastor Richard was given three phophecies in the last 10 years. Each prophecy related to the others. God said you will be a different kind of shepherd. You will not act like other shepherds. You will think, feel and act in such a manner that will influence "black sheep." You are called to shepherd "black sheep." There are hundreds of "black sheep" everywhere. Just shake the bushes and they will fall out. They will be drawn by the way I have made you. You have been a "black sheep," therefore, only you can minister to these "black sheep" I send you. These are my gifts to you.

Mrs. Angie Sacks

Mrs. Sacks has worked side by side with Pastor Richard as the church secretary for over 15 years. She is very dedicated to doing God's work and assisting Pastor Richard in caring for the needs, care and growth of the church body. Angie also pays all the bills; provides us with the weekly bulletin, works in the food bank and is on the worship team.

Music Director Marion Kibler

We are so blessed to have Music Director Marion Kibler. She has been involved in music most of her life. She has participated in musicals, choirs, directed Christmas programs, and sang solos in church. She accepted the role of Music Director in 2015 and has modified our program. As a result there has been additions to the choir and better unity. We may be a small group, but the Holy Spirit shows up whenever we get together and we don't need anything else.

Ms. Marion Kibler, Bible Teacher

Ms. Kibler has been teaching Bible Studies for the past ten years at Lighthouse Fellowship. She wrote and taught various lessons taken from God's Word at the morning Bible Study for women for several years and then began teaching the women's cell group on Wednesday nights. Marion has been studying the Bible for over 40 years. She also uses books written by Derek Prince, Watchman Nee and others. Many of her lessons come out of her own personal time with the Lord. While sprinkled with humor, her lessons are practical as well as designed to make a difference in the lives of those who study with her. Wednesday nights are also a time of fellowship as we pray together and support each other while building each other up in the Lord. Ms. Kibler is also a member of the worship team.

Pastor Richard

The men's cell group study a variety of subjects related specifically to being Christian men. These truths are found solely in the Bible and are guided in class discussion under the direction of Pastor Richard. You are guaranteed to be blessed as he shares what God has put on his heart. This group ranges from 18 years old and up. Class is from 7pm to 8:30 pm.

Marvin, Danny and Stevie

Not only ushers, but these men are willing to help anywhere needed. They do almost all of the "behind the scenes" activities. Things such as taking the offering, setting up tables and chairs for our "love feast" (aka pot luck). They work in the food bank by going to pick up the food (Marvin is our pick up man), they stack the shelves and fill the bags in preparation for food bank day. These men are also ready to help where there is a need. They feel as though it's an honor to help the people and a blessing to honor God through their service.


The Lighthouse Fellowship has established a food bank beginning 10 years ago for the community of the Antelope Valley. Working together with the Los Angeles County Food Bank, the church provides free food on the fourth Tuesday of each month from l0am to 12noon. Each month the food bank feeds from 400-700 people depending on the time of year. As a non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible and can be sent to: The Lighthouse Fellowship, 942 E. Ave Q-9, Palmdale, CA  93550. Volunteers from the community and other churches are welcome to participate each month. Please call and let us know if you are coming; (661) 947-2938.


Once a year the church provides the facilities, and Pastor Richard and the staff work together to reach the community in dealing with the subject of anger management. The month will be announced in the newspaper and more information can be received by calling (661) 947-2938. All anger management classes are free to the public, and can be attended only by reservations in advance. Some of the classes are titled: How to resolve conflicts", “How to be a good parent,” etc.

Pastor Joan

On the third Sunday we all gather, after service, to enjoy a wonderful meal. The food is provided by everybody. Each month is a different theme. (Italian, Casseroles, etc.) Pastor Joan oversees all the food and makes sure the words get on the screen. Miss Ellen is also a great help along with several of the other ladies to make sure that everything is ready as soon as Pastor has ended the service.

Our Mission Statement:
"We share our commitment as a body,
to be led by The Holy Spirit together in prayer,
to reach out to the community in Evangelism and Fellowship
while nurturing them into Spiritual Growth."

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