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2015 Audio Sermons by Pastor Biddle

(click on links below to listen to Audio Sermons)
(click here for Written Study Materials)

Jan. 2015 - Two Types of Men (MP3 - 49.16 MB)
Jan. 2015 - Path to Forgiveness (MP3 - 51.62 MB)
Jan. 2015 - Forgiveness Letter (MP3 - 62.19 MB)
Jan. 2015 - His Benefits (MP3 - 49.63 MB)
Feb. 2015 - Return Today (MP3 - 51.16 MB)
Feb. 2015 - Rapture (MP3 - 56.82 MB)
Feb. 2015 - In God's Imgage (MP3 - 63.48 MB)
April 2015 - Tradition (MP3 - 63.08 MB)
April 2015 - The Cross (MP3 - 52.49 MB)
May 2015 - The Self (MP3 - 55.63 MB)
May 2015 - The Walk of The Believer (MP3 - 51.89 MB)
May 2015 - Children of The Light (MP3 - 54.82 MB)

More to come soon, please keep checking back

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Current Sermons by Pastor Biddle


Life-Changing Resources/Booklets*

Pastor Richard Biddle is a prolific writer in his own realm. He has over the years written study materials, and compiled notes on the following subjects.

  • The Power of Thirst
  • Absolute Surrender
  • Renewing the Mind
  • Results of Renewing the Mind
  • The Joy of Being Nothing
  • The Joy of Receiving
  • Following Jesus, Our Example
  • Love Tansformation
  • The New Covenant
  • Trusting God's Providence
  • The Bible-Type of Love (part 1-6, notes available for free)
  • Christian Perfection
  • What is Abuse (free material)
  • Finding Myself
  • Personality Temperaments (notes available)

*Foursquare Booklets upon request, free CD's available on some of these topics.

Please contact Pastor Biddle at 661- 947-2938 or E-Mail Pastor Biddle at Or you can mail your request to Pastor Biddle at The Lighthouse Fellowship Office, 942 East Ave. Q-9, Palmdale, CA 93550. Please be sure to in - clude your phone number in case Pastor needs to phone you for any reason.




Our Mission Statement:
"We share our commitment as a body,
to be led by The Holy Spirit together in prayer,
to reach out to the community in Evangelism and Fellowship
while nurturing them into Spiritual Growth."

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